Reasons for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Business

Would you get value for your investment if you pay for a commercial cleaning service?

You might think that paying for commercial cleaning services is not a good use of your company expenses because you have your own employees do the cleaning already. However, the service can actually be a good investment. Maybe it is hard for you to see the benefits for the cost right now, but this guide will explain to you where you can see real benefits that will end up saving you money.

1. You don’t have to buy your own cleaning equipment and supplies

In order to do a quality job cleaning your business, you need to use the right kind of cleaning products and good equipment. High quality equipment is expensive. Maybe you think you can get away with using cheaper products and machines, but you will be disappointed when you get bad results. Also, sometimes you need a specialized, hard-to-find cleaning product to remove certain contaminants. All the effort spent on trying to acquire the appropriate cleaning products is not a good investment of your time and money.

commercial cleaning equiptment

Professional cleaning companies have the latest equipment and products to get the job done well. Industrial strength vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are typical. These do an amazing job cleaning your property. Plus, you get professional results from technicians who are trained on using this equipment.

2. Your Employees Are Not Trained to Clean

Cleaning offices is a lot more work that cleaning your own house. Your employees do not have the skills to clean your company thoroughly. They were hired to do another job that they are good at, so why assign them to a task that they do poorly at? That is a waste of human resources and you will not get the productivity that you are paying them for.

On the other hand, a professional cleaning service will clean your business efficiently and thoroughly because the crew is trained to do this. So, it makes sense to hire someone to do what they are trained to do, and who will do it well.

3. Spend Less Money on Property Maintenance Long-term

When your commercial building is properly maintained by professionals on a regular basis, there are less chances that something will break down, needing costly repairs. For example, a floor that is cleaned often will last longer. Regular cleaning of walls, particularly when the climate is humid, will deter mold from growing which can damage drywall. Areas like baseboards are prone to damage because they are often overlooked by people who are not professional cleaners. So, when you extend the life of your property by having it professionally cleaned, you do not need to replace things as often, and you will save money in the long run.

4. A Healthier Work Environment

An unclean work environment leads to workers getting sick on the job. Professional cleaners know how to sanitize and disinfect high-touch surfaces effectively to reduce the transmission of germs. High-power vacuums with HEPA filters can effectively remove dust, allergens and particles so your employees can breathe cleaner air in the office.

healthy workplace

You can reduce employee absences and injuries when you have a clean work environment. A clean work site reduces accidents like slips and falls. Your company loses money whenever one of your employee gets hurt. So, in the long run, you reduce your company’s liability by providing a clean place to work.

5. Customers Like A Clean Business

No one wants to do business with someone sloppy. If a customer walks into a business that is messy and has bad odors, they might not stay long. Or worse, they might not even come in. Not only will you not get new customers, but if a customer gets sick after visiting your dirty office, you have probably lost him for good.

Customers are attracted to a business that is clean and organized. If you often have clients coming to your office, a professionally cleaned office will sure to make a good impression. Clients see that you care about the details, and they will translate that into a high quality business. It gives them more incentive to do business with you.

6. Focus Your Energy in Growing Your Business Instead

Your business has a purpose. If your staff spends time cleaning, they will not be focusing on the real purpose of your business. And if they are expected to clean but are too busy to do it, then the cleaning will not get done and your business will end up looking like a mess. Why not hire JAN-PRO to do the job instead and get professional results?

When you think about how much time your staff would need to spend on cleaning, and with poor results, it does not sound like such a good way to spend your company’s dollars. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a better way to get the best return on your investment.

Looking to Become an Entrepreneur In 2019?

There are several great business opportunities available for anyone looking to become an entrepreneur in 2019.

The businesses that are featured in the list below have been included because they are profitable ventures that are going to help people continue earning a decent living for years to come.

These business opportunities are the kinds of opportunities that continue to thrive, even when the economy is not doing as well as it occasionally has in the past.

You won’t need a ton of experience to get involved in the opportunities that are listed, however you may need a degree or an education from a trade school for a few of them.

The main thing that you will need to have to become successful include the willingness to work hard, remain dedicated and put forth the effort it takes to exceed in the industry you have selected. It is possible to run these businesses right from the comfort of your home, too.

By following one of these small business ventures, you could begin earning a very steady and healthy flow of income. In addition to earning a decent amount of money, you would have more flexibility and would get to make important decisions rather than being bossed around by someone else. You would get to experience the joys of starting from the bottom and making your way to the top all on your own. If you are ready to start a business venture, consider trying one of the many options that are featured below.


Sell with Amazon

Amazon has launched a program that makes it possible for people to sell products via the highly-frequented site. In fact, Amazon is the biggest online retail store in the country and across the globe. It is where thousands of other people are selling their merchandise, making sales, and steadily increasing their own income.

Selling with Amazon is ideal because they eliminate a lot of the stress that comes along with having your own online business. If you are willing to pay monthly storage, Amazon will take care of a lot of the work for you by packing the products for you, shipping them out to your customers, and even responding to questions that your customers might have about the products. There are a few things that you would still need to take responsibility for, which includes shipping the products out to one of many Amazon fulfillment centers, along with having listings posted online for people to see.

When the listings are live, the consumers can find what they are looking for and may then add products to their shopping carts. After paying for the items, you would receive a portion from each sale that was made on the Amazon platform.

Sellers can easily find different products to sell via the Amazon platform. Some sellers make their own products. However, many of the sellers purchase products from wholesale companies and then sell those items at higher rates on Amazon. There are a lot of suppliers that offer discounts when individuals buy the items in bulk. If you would love to start your own retail business without experiencing a lot of stress, selling via Amazon is ideal.


Convenient Meal Kit Services

More people are starting to buy meal kits because they want to have easy access to the ingredients needed to make delicious meals and they want to easily make those meals within no time. There are a lot of people who simply have too much going on and do not have enough time to head out to the grocery store to get what they need to make meals.

With the meal delivery kits, customers often get to choose the types of meals they are most interested in trying. The ingredients and proper portions are sent directly to them, along with a list of detailed and helpful instructions that make it possible to quickly and easily make these healthy meals in no time. The customers can even find out how many calories they are consuming when preparing meals from the meal delivery service.

Rather than buying from wholesale companies, the suppliers of these meal kits will typically go local when sourcing different ingredients for their kits. It is a great opportunity for local businesses to earn even more money. You could start your own local meal kit delivery service where you are preparing kits for people who want to eat fresh food that is naturally good for them.


The Self-Storage Route

It is often overlooked, but the self-storage industry is booming. There is a demand for these units for plenty of different reasons. Some people are downsizing and need a place to put their belongings while others simply need extra space because their homes are feeling a bit too cluttered. It is not just homeowners that are currently looking to rent out storage units. Owners of different stores often need to make more space inside their establishments, so they typically choose to put extra inventory in storage units.

Plenty of modern units are currently available, including options that have climate control features and lights installed. Security guards are often keeping a careful watch of the premises. While you would initially to spend money to have a storage unit facility built, it is an investment that could end up paying off big time. You can look at the calculator on Trachte Building Systems to get an idea of how profitable your self-storage business could eventually turn out.


Support for Various Facilities

You can start a profitable business by providing support to different facilities. You would need to decide on the specific services you would provide. For example, you could offer to handle security for store owners, provide cleaning services to business owners that need to have their offices cleaned out, and even take care of building maintenance. There are plenty of opportunities to offer an in-demand service that is going to help you earn a large profit. It helps to have experience in the maintenance industry, but you can gain some experience in the industry by furthering your education at a trade school.

So, any ideas here tweak your interest?

If yes, start your research and see where your plans might take you today!

Business Administration – Simple Book Keeping

For a business to run efficiently, it is vital to have a accounting software.

The accounting software should be easy to learn and use.

It should also be efficient and error free to enable effectiveness in administration of finances.

QuickBooks, being one of the best accounting software, is designed to accommodate small and medium sized business. Learning about QuickBooks is able to give you skills to start up a new business which will thrive or give you the skills to land a job in an organization. Tutorials are also available in the internet with videos showing how to best use them to attain these skills.

bookkeeping business

Everybody needs help at some point in time. This is no different with QuickBooks. Whenever you are stuck at a task, you can get QuickBooks help from colleague or your supervisor in a job setting. For business owners, you can search from the internet by using the right keyword. Video support aps, such as Skype, have made this easier by enabling chats with distant friends or QuickBooks professionals who can give you guidance. QuickBooks training is made easier by the countless tutorial videos available in the internet.

QuickBooks improves your skills in getting a new job or setting up a new business as it teaches the following:

·         How to manage income and expenditure.

·         Recording of customer balances and sales figures.

·         Help In construction of customized quotation, invoice and balance templates.

·         Provides payroll solutions that aid in payment of employees

The best part of Quick Books training is that it is free for everyone to learn from online.

 It does not discriminate as it has options for both beginners and advanced options for those with the basic knowledge.

The courses offered are fundamental for the growth of any small and medium sized business as well as climbing the career ladder for corporate people.

How To Get Your First Clients

How To Get Your First Clients

first clients holding a customer business card

Trying to find your first clients is hard for any business, however, it is even more difficult for a new business.

As a new business, you have no reviews, testimonials, or ratings, and it seems as though no one is willing to give the new guy on the block a shot. This is perhaps one of the reasons that so many

one day sale sign

companies go out of business within the first few months to a year.

If you are having a hard time finding your first clients, we are going to share three tips with you on how you can bring people directly to your door.

Depending on your service, you may just want to get out there and meet the people who would be most interested in your service. This does not mean to head to the nearest parking lot and blanket the area with flyers. However, take the time to find where your people would most likely be and talk to them and introduce yourself. Of course, it never hurts to have a healthy dose of freebies and special discounts.

We live in a very technological world and talking to people can really make a big impact.


woman pointing to the dealOf course, we have already talked about freebies and how much people love them. With that in mind, one of the best ways to get people into the door and turn them into clients is to offer your service for free. While this is going to lose you some initial money, it will help to open the door to new clients. Keep in mind, if you play your cards right and do the job above expectations, you are more than likely going to get that positive word of mouth traffic as well!

Finally, if you do not mind trying a new tactic, you can always use Facebook advertising. This is a great way to target people who would be interested in your service or offer. In addition, you can target by exact locations such as towns and states. You will also be able to create a specific budget to ensure your costs do not get out of hand. In fact, you can start for under a couple of dollars a day to test the waters.

As you can see, these are fairly simple ways to get new clients. However, they are very effective and will work as soon as they are implemented.

Six Reasons Owning a Business is Better than Having a Job

All around this great world, people, in droves, are abandoning faith in a J.O.B. and dependence on salaried employment and looking to start their own enterprise.

Almost monthly, a billion people, experience various job changes including loss. This has lead to an increasingly growing number of new entrepreneurs looking and learning about business and opportunities.

Business ownership can be an incredible journey.

Check out our list of benefits of owning a business.

owning a business

Your the boss:

When you’re the, you don’t have a “higher-up” watching your every move. You’re in control of your own productivity and quality. Your clients have the final say in the product, and that’s it. How you do the thing that you need to do is entirely your decision, and that’s awesome. You have choices, and you make all the decisions. When you’re calling the shots, you’ll be making the decisions that point your company towards its desired goal. This may be an overwhelming experience for some. You’ll need to develop yourself as a leader in delegating specific tasks to the right people. However, you can create a great culture, brand, and organization as you learn from experience to make decisions, and learn from your mistakes.


Choose the environment:

Envelope yourself with people who stay positive and encourage and empowerment you need, in order to achieve your goals. Weed out all botton feeders and negetive people. The more choice you will have, the smaller your organization. People value the opportunity to chart their own path, make their own decision and build their own future wealth. Especially making your own choices how you’ll do thing, and who you’ll work with. If you have a home based business, you can even enjoy some family time while at work.


From deciding that you will not get a full-time job to investing in the business and making several business decisions on your own. Becoming an entrepreneur, you will get rid of your self-limiting belief like never before. You will have built this boldness in you and will become used to getting out of your comfort zone.

Man of Action:

A lot of people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. As an entrepreneur, you cannot just talk and don’t take actions. You have to keep your words and follow through. You may not change the world in a day. Changing a little piece of your world, however, can be a satisfying and worthwhile endeavor.

Make Money:

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if your working for someone else, your really helping them achieve their wealth goals, whether it be a franchise small business or large corporation. When you have your own company or business, you can write your own history , you’re the master of your own destiny, your own legacy and most of all, your own paycheck.

Challenge Yourself:

A lot of people are stuck in the routine of their mundane job – doing the same old tasks day in and day out. Entrepreneurs find that each day is filled with new challenges and opportunities. So why not be a little creative, take a leap of faith and learn something new.

The Most Important Traits you Need to Hire for at Your Startup

Any Startup CEO would agree – the success of a company can largely depend on ones ability to develop a strong and solid team.

You’ll need to develop a power team that you can consistently depend on, are dedicated to your vision, and always stay a step ahead of the competition with a certain amount of creativity and desire to think differently, taking you to the top of the order.

When you’re just starting out, a strong company culture is a foundation for your startup’s success.



When screening team applicants and recruiting for your new venture, you’ll need to seek out a few important qualities in your prospects. Be careful to identify one or any of these characteristics during your interview process. Especially candidates who have years of experience in the corporate world. Dropping someone into a new start up that is so ingrained with patterns from the corporate world may be a nightmare, even a person with all the right skills may fail terribly once placed in a new company. Here are a few things you should look for in your hires.


2 men in an interview setting


If you your job and what your doing, going to work should be invigorating. Your hire should be have a heart for helping to develop a great place to call work. This positive attitude plays a big part in the company’s tribal culture. Therefor, the recruiter must look for job applicants who must be passionate what the startup intends to do. When your whole team is on the same page, and focused on the same common vision, with equal motivation, the possibilities are limitless.


Working in a startup is not all that easy at first. It is a gamble for all we know. It is a risk your employee is taking over a comfortable, well-paying job they could have settled into and lived a risk-free life. So, choose someone whom you think has it in them to toil through the difficult times that await them. Initial days of Startup life is unpredictable, exhausting and, sometimes without positive results. And not everyone thrives in such an atmosphere for a long time. Choose candidates who are risk-lovers and have endured such demanding situations before.


It is highly beneficial to build company with go-getters. These guys are the best assets as their competitive spirit challenges their piers and the agency itself to continually grow. Exponential expansion or the team and the development of new skill-sets in unavoidable. Plus, this caliber of players are always entertaining to be around. Build a team with players with a vast array of unique hobbies. Those who are curious, are usually the one who think outside the box. Don’t be intimidated by them and this challenge will only be endearing at the end. People spend a third of their whole lives working, so why not surround yourself with people you enjoy being around.


In a new business environment, integrity plays a key factor when the stakes are high. Can you trust every one of your players to not only hit the mark, but also hold things in confidence? Hey, you could be sitting in front of the most brilliant developer, product manager, or IT guy, but if you don’t feel you can trust them, you’d best keep looking.