Six Reasons Owning a Business is Better than Having a Job

owning a business

All around this great world, people, in droves, are abandoning faith in a J.O.B. and dependence on salaried employment and looking to start their own enterprise.

Almost monthly, a billion people, experience various job changes including loss. This has lead to an increasingly growing number of new entrepreneurs looking and learning about business and opportunities.

Business ownership can be an incredible journey.

Check out our list of benefits of owning a business.

owning a business

Your the boss:

When you’re the, you don’t have a “higher-up” watching your every move. You’re in control of your own productivity and quality. Your clients have the final say in the product, and that’s it. How you do the thing that you need to do is entirely your decision, and that’s awesome. You have choices, and you make all the decisions. When you’re calling the shots, you’ll be making the decisions that point your company towards its desired goal. This may be an overwhelming experience for some. You’ll need to develop yourself as a leader in delegating specific tasks to the right people. However, you can create a great culture, brand, and organization as you learn from experience to make decisions, and learn from your mistakes.


Choose the environment:

Envelope yourself with people who stay positive and encourage and empowerment you need, in order to achieve your goals. Weed out all botton feeders and negetive people. The more choice you will have, the smaller your organization. People value the opportunity to chart their own path, make their own decision and build their own future wealth. Especially making your own choices how you’ll do thing, and who you’ll work with. If you have a home based business, you can even enjoy some family time while at work.


From deciding that you will not get a full-time job to investing in the business and making several business decisions on your own. Becoming an entrepreneur, you will get rid of your self-limiting belief like never before. You will have built this boldness in you and will become used to getting out of your comfort zone.

Man of Action:

A lot of people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. As an entrepreneur, you cannot just talk and don’t take actions. You have to keep your words and follow through. You may not change the world in a day. Changing a little piece of your world, however, can be a satisfying and worthwhile endeavor.

Make Money:

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if your working for someone else, your really helping them achieve their wealth goals, whether it be a franchise small business or large corporation. When you have your own company or business, you can write your own history , you’re the master of your own destiny, your own legacy and most of all, your own paycheck.

Challenge Yourself:

A lot of people are stuck in the routine of their mundane job – doing the same old tasks day in and day out. Entrepreneurs find that each day is filled with new challenges and opportunities. So why not be a little creative, take a leap of faith and learn something new.