The Most Important Traits you Need to Hire for at Your Startup


Any Startup CEO would agree – the success of a company can largely depend on ones ability to develop a strong and solid team.

You’ll need to develop a power team that you can consistently depend on, are dedicated to your vision, and always stay a step ahead of the competition with a certain amount of creativity and desire to think differently, taking you to the top of the order.

When you’re just starting out, a strong company culture is a foundation for your startup’s success.



When screening team applicants and recruiting for your new venture, you’ll need to seek out a few important qualities in your prospects. Be careful to identify one or any of these characteristics during your interview process. Especially candidates who have years of experience in the corporate world. Dropping someone into a new start up that is so ingrained with patterns from the corporate world may be a nightmare, even a person with all the right skills may fail terribly once placed in a new company. Here are a few things you should look for in your hires.


2 men in an interview setting


If you your job and what your doing, going to work should be invigorating. Your hire should be have a heart for helping to develop a great place to call work. This positive attitude plays a big part in the company’s tribal culture. Therefor, the recruiter must look for job applicants who must be passionate what the startup intends to do. When your whole team is on the same page, and focused on the same common vision, with equal motivation, the possibilities are limitless.


Working in a startup is not all that easy at first. It is a gamble for all we know. It is a risk your employee is taking over a comfortable, well-paying job they could have settled into and lived a risk-free life. So, choose someone whom you think has it in them to toil through the difficult times that await them. Initial days of Startup life is unpredictable, exhausting and, sometimes without positive results. And not everyone thrives in such an atmosphere for a long time. Choose candidates who are risk-lovers and have endured such demanding situations before.


It is highly beneficial to build company with go-getters. These guys are the best assets as their competitive spirit challenges their piers and the agency itself to continually grow. Exponential expansion or the team and the development of new skill-sets in unavoidable. Plus, this caliber of players are always entertaining to be around. Build a team with players with a vast array of unique hobbies. Those who are curious, are usually the one who think outside the box. Don’t be intimidated by them and this challenge will only be endearing at the end. People spend a third of their whole lives working, so why not surround yourself with people you enjoy being around.


In a new business environment, integrity plays a key factor when the stakes are high. Can you trust every one of your players to not only hit the mark, but also hold things in confidence? Hey, you could be sitting in front of the most brilliant developer, product manager, or IT guy, but if you don’t feel you can trust them, you’d best keep looking.